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Course Overview:

NEBOSH and the United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Regulator, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), have jointly developed the NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence.

Health and safety is a key performance measure within successful and forward-thinking organisations. Effective leaders understand that health and safety is not just a moral imperative, but also contributes to the achievement of objectives across the organisational spectrum covering finance, operations, compliance and governance.

Productivity improvements, competitive advantage, talent retention and effective risk management are just a few of the things which flow from strong organisational health and safety performance and culture.

Whether it is finance, marketing, human resources, or health and safety, leaders should always seek to develop their high-level understanding within each component part of their organisation in order to monitor and positively influence overall performance. The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence is designed to support both leaders and aspiring leaders in gaining core understanding of how their behaviours and responsibilities directly impact on health and safety management.

Course Objectives

Organisations who invest in their health and safety leadership will send a clear signal that they take the protection of the workforce seriously. This qualification will help senior or aspiring leaders to ensure that health and safety is taken account of in all business decisions and becomes a day-to-day activity rather than leaving the management of health and safety up to one individual or department.

The qualification focuses on how leadership behaviours can impact on the health and safety culture of an organisation and it guides leaders to become better advocates for health and safety within their respective organisations.

Having leaders who are inspired and passionate about the protection of the workforce can also improve moral, organisational culture and drive down the costs associated with workplace health and safety incidents, injury and ill health. The cost to the economy of injuries and ill-health is enormous – a cost that is often hidden, but is estimated to be in the order of billions annually.

Therefore, having leaders in your organisation who inspire others to drive health and safety throughout a business not only protects workers but also contributes towards profitability and compliance.

Who should attend:

There are no specific barriers, in terms of academic qualifications, skills or experience to entry to the NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence.


Tutorial, Discussion, Workshops, Quiz, Examination


TÜV Middle East courses are held at hotels and various training centers. However, they can be held at customers’ premises, if required.


Upon successfully passing of Exam, the certificate will be issued by NEBOSH, UK course completion


01 Days Training


November- 10- 2019


  • The business benefits of health and safety leadership (including the moral, legal and financial arguments
  • The effects of good health and safety leadership of safety culture Human failures
  • The HSE’s ‘Make it happen’ model
  • Decision making processes including mental short cuts and perception biases
  • Leadership styles
  • The HSE’s five leadership values
  • Building relationships with the workforce

Location & Date

  • 2020
    • 13 Dec-13 Dec 2020
    • 10:00 am - 04:00 pm
    • Remote Training


  • 2020
    • Per participant
    • AED 1,500
Fees + VAT as applicable
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