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Individial and Business benefits of IOSH Managing Safely

28,June, 2020

Individial and Business benefits of IOSH Managing Safely 

IOSH Managing Safelythe market-leading health and safety course for line managers, is tried, tested and trusted. Designed to provide all managers with the confidence and enthusiasm to apply knowledge to the workplace, this course is unlike any other. IOSH Managing Safely course will help you improve the safety awareness culture in your organization, see your productivity increase and enhance your reputation within your supply chain by embedding safety and health across the whole organization.

This course is for anyone and everyone in a working role who wants to learn the basics of safety and health. IOSH Managing Safely works very well as it is designed for anyone, in any sector, worldwide and provides the knowledge and tools required to work safely. This course is designed by IOSH for highest quality control and flexibility of delivery that suits your business. It is internationally recognized and respected certification with efficient and effective learning health, safety and environmental basics covered in a single programme.

IOSH Managing Safely contains memorable and thought-provoking facts and case studies with modules backed by clear examples and recognizable scenarios. It also contains informal and interactive quizzes and discussions and having evaluation using a multi-format question paper and a multiple choice hazard spotting exercise.

Business benefits of IOSH Managing Safely is greater productivity, fewer hours lost to sickness and accidents with improved organization-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation of safety measures. It motivates active staff involvement to improve the workplace. It is internationally recognized certification for managers and supervisors and can enhance reputation within the supply chain

Benefits for delegate are that it ensures you can assess and control risks and hazards and understand your own responsibilities for safety and health. It enables you to investigate incidents and empowers you to measure your own performance. It also allows you for personal reflections on good practice.

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