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Guide to acquiring a Certified PHA-HazOp Leader Certification

28,June, 2020

Guide to acquiring a Certified PHA-HazOp Leader Certification

This course provides an overview of all significant aspects and considerations of PHA and HAZOP Studies for those who are involved in the management, operations, safety of process operations. It will benefit process safety engineers, loss prevention specialists, production engineers, process design engineers, project engineers, process programmers and instrument control engineers. It will also benefit, individuals experienced in the HAZOP technique who are required to lead HAZOP studies.

This course explores best practice in HAZOP leadership and management. You will learn about the application of the technique and how to plan and manage the study program more effectively. You will also learn how best to lead study teams to ensure maximum effectiveness and successful project execution. Case studies will allow you to undertake a range of project team roles and provide the opportunity to guide a team through the HAZOP process. It will help you to prepare for a HAZOP study meeting and programme. Choose nodes (parts of the drawings or operation for HAZOP study). Estimate the programme requirements for the successful completion of a study. Formulate the HAZOP study report. Understand the team members’ roles in the implementation of recommendations and the management of the process.

Government and Regulatory authorities all over the world are entrusted with ensuring that process plants and similar facilities, operate with the required safeguards to protect people and the environment. Very often, specific rules are laid down that require facility owners and managers to follow what are known as "generally acceptable engineering and safety practices".

As a very popular risk assessment and management technique, HAZOP is universally accepted by most regulatory authorities as a bona-fide technique. For example, OSHA (US Occupational Health and Safety Administration) and the UK HSE (UK Health and Safety Executive) both acknowledge HAZOP as an acceptable risk assessment and risk management technique.

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