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The Key Words for Business Continuity

07,December, 2019

The Key Words for Business Continuity
(Based on ISO 22301:2012) – Article No. 1

It is necessary to start this topic with a real story

Suddenly, in a big hotel and resort at the time of sunsets, the guests found too much jelly fishes (dead and alive) are reaching the beach therefore this matter has enforced all guests to run and trying to cancel their bookings in that hotel, some asked for a compensation.

But I have seen in all these bad circumstances a confident man was speaking to all guests with a high level of professionalism and he was promising them that everything will be solved, and they have an alternative beach which will be ready by early morning, based on this promise many guests decided to wait till tomorrow’s morning, if this problem is not solved they will leave the hotel immediately.

Next day all guests found at early morning 6 buses are waiting for them in front of the hotel main door for carrying them to another beach located very near to the hotel , the surprise was that other beach was furnished with a barbecue area plus a kitchen and Movable toilets including showers , seats and all of this has been installed in one night with the support of many subcontractors to continue the business.

I have realized at this time that some plans were in place and have been established in advance to solve such issues, the workers were trained appropriately on this plan to remove this kind of business interruption in a short time  

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ISO 22301 awareness internal auditor implementation lead auditor training

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