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Soil , Geotechnical Investigations & Soil Improvement



Soil and soil investigation is very important now in our era. The effect of soil on the stability of the structure is very important especially if the underground water is in the nearby area. Many other precautions must be dealt with during the investigation taking into account the geotechnical data.


The course aims at helping the participants to truly understand the soil properties, the exploration and sampling techniques. The course will also be directed to the effect of geotechnical investigation and the effect of soil on the stability of the structure together with an emphasis on the approved tests.

Who should Attend

Engineers and qualified technicians

Course Outline

  • First day:
    • Introduction and general soil properties
    • Properties such as
      • density
      • porosity
      • permeability
      • cohesion
      • grain size distribution
    • Pre-course test
    • Soil sampling techniques
    • Analysis of bore logs
    • Interpretation of data collected and recommendations.
  • Second day:
    • Soil weaknesses cavities
    • Bearing capacity
    • Stability of slopes
    • Soil enhancement materials and techniques used for both grouting and geo-synthesis
    • The suitability of different enhancement methods
  • Third day:
    • Swelling soil
    • Properties
    • Geographic distribution
    • Structural problems associated with swelling soil
    • Possible remedies
  • Fourth day:
    • Groundwater
    • Classification
    • Measurement
    • Usages
    • Structural problems
    • Dewatering
  • Fifth day:
    • Soil erosion:
    • Deforestation
    • Other causes of erosion
    • Effect of erosion on water courses and engineering structures
    • Alleviation of land erosion
    • Soil sliding
    • Modes of failure
    • Degree of stability
    • Methods of remediation
    • Post-course test
  • Additional Info.

    Practical and theoretical sessions will be included.