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Certified Safety Professional (TÜV Certificate)


Course Description

This course is to provide the participant a detailed understanding on the safety requirements. This course has been designed to make the participant understand, learn
and thereby implement them to the fullest with a holistic view. This course consists of presentations, briefings, case studies, teamwork & short tests. This course covers
all the requirements a safety professional should poses in his career.


  • Course Objectives
    • Understand safety requirements
    • Learn and there by implement the health and safety requirements
    • Understand hazard identification
    • Understand the Risk Assessment
    • Understand the Operational Controls
    • Understand the Emergency Preparedness & Response
    • Understand Accident / Incident Investigation & Reporting

Course Outline

  • Course Outline
    • Introduction to safety
    • Terms and definitions
    • HSE aspects
    • Hazardous identification
    • Risk management issues
    • Risk assessment issues
    • Operational control procedures
    • PPE
    • Working in height
    • Scaffolding
    • Emergency preparedness
    • Emergency response
    • Legal & regulatory requirements
    • Monitoring & audit
    • Accident investigation & reporting
    • Corrective / preventive actions
    • Legal & regulatory requirements
    • Applied standards