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Customer Relationship Management CRM


Course Description

Tug Handling, Towing and Ship / Tug Interaction Course, Attendees in This Course will learn The Principles of Tug Handling and Tug Manoeuvring Types, This Course will help attendees in their roles in Tug Operation within the port, the course will include all Types of the Tugs Including Oil Spill Craft.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be knowledgeable on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Tugs Types
  • Types of the Tug propellers system
  • Tugs Handling Techniques
  • Tug Mannering System
  • Tugs Bollard Pull Calculations
  • Introduction to Tidal Stream and Wind
  • Tug Static Towing and Manoeuvring
  • Tug Mooring System with the Tankers
  • Types of the vessel towing equipment
  • Tug Quick Release system
  • SBM Mooring System
  • Mooring Boat Handling in Port
  • Oil Spill Craft Equipment
  • Tug Escape Route in Emergency
  • Marine Buoyage system in Port
  • Anchor handling and maintenance of the buoys
  • Emergency Shut Down Procedures
  • Introduction to vessel working with dynamic position
  • Tug Master Qualification

Who Should Attend?

  • Marine industry personnel and who are interested in the subject matter.

Location & Date


  • 2020
    • Per participant
    • USD 5,750
Fees + VAT as applicable
Tax Registration Number : 100139824100506

Course Outline

  • Customer loyalty
    • Discussing the benefits of customer loyalty
    • Creating loyal customers
    • Market intelligence enterprise
    • Identifying marketing tiers
    • Discussing the goals of an MIE
  • CRM basics
    • Customer information
    • Discussing CRM types
    • Identifying CRM goals
    • A CRM program
    • Discussing the CRM process
    • Recognizing the impact of a CRM system
    • Analyzing CSFs
    • Identifying precautions
  • Preparations for CRM
    • CRM and expenditures
    • Analyzing CRM costs
    • Discussing the economic impact of CRM
    • Implementation planning
    • Selecting the CRM implementation team
    • Identifying departments affected by CRM
    • Discussing CRM program failure factors
    • Testing a CRM program
  • CRM implementation
    • ​​​​​​​CRM implementation preparation
    • Preparing for CRM implementation
    • Identifying reasons for implementing CRM in stages
    • The implementation process
    • Discussing CRM implementation steps