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Advanced Structural Geology



The course has a basic skills component to bring the participants up to a common level from which they can tackle the more specialist elements. Advanced structural geology and properties of rocks in the subsurface are taught through course elements in large scale structural geology, reservoir rock properties and geomechanics.


Geology is so fundamental to the petroleum industry that knowledge of its basic principles is desirable for all persons associated in any way with the industry. Petroleum geology is based on observation and utilizes many other sciences. The basic principle that "the present is the key to the past" is the concept that processes which acted on the earth in the past are very similar to or the same as those operating today. The geologist's conclusions are derived by:

  • Observing the results of the earth's history and processes
  • Reconstructing the events giving rise to certain formations and their arrangement
  • Predicting where oil accumulations might occur

Who should Attend

All persons associated in any way with the oil industry, specially Mud Loggers, well site geologists, pressure engineers, Mud engineers and Drilling engineers.

Course Outline

    • Introduction to petroleum geology and Petroleum system
    • Structural geology and subsurface mapping
    • Reservoir sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy
    • Exploration geophysics
    • Exploration geochemistry