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Remote Training: Project And Contracts Management Skills


Course Description

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project. The term project management is sometimes used to describe an organizational approach to the management of ongoing operations. Knowledge about project management can be organized in many ways.

This document has two major sections and 12 chapters as described after. This course was designed for contract Professional with application
to contract as a project.

Who Should Attend?

This course was designed for contract Professionals with application to contract as a project. Construction Engineers, Civil Engineers, Cost Estimator Engineers, etc.

Course Objectives

The goal of the course is to explore and apply specific tools to enhance Project management. Professionals effectiveness, and to give trainees the ample opportunity to interact with PM environment and being evaluated in this regard.

By the end of the course trainees will be able to:

  • Follow an End-to-End bidding process
  • Use the different contracting tools and techniques
  • Be better negotiators
  • Identify which type of contract to use, and when
  • Have better command of Contract Management
  • Better manage bidding and tendering processes
  • Understand what is an RFP, RFQ, RFI and why to be written
  • Determine qualities of a successful RFP
  • Differentiate between RFP (Request for Proposal) vs. RFI (Request for Information)
  • Plan and prepare RFP
  • Determine administrative requirements
  • Determine technical requirements
  • Determine management requirements
  • Determine prices
  • Evaluate proposals.

Location & Date

  • 2020
    • 17 May-20 May 2020
    • E-learning via Remote Traning


  • 2020
    • Per participant
    • USD 350
Fees + VAT as applicable
Tax Registration Number : 100139824100506

Course Outline

  • Project Management Context

    • Project Phases and the Project Life Cycle.
    • Characteristics of Project Phases
    • Characteristics of the Project Life Cycle
    • The project life cycle definition
    • The phase sequence
    • Fast Tracking:
      • Common Characteristics of project life Cycle discretions
      • Representative Project Life Cycles
    • Project Stakeholders.
      • Category of project Stakeholder
      • Stakeholders Diversity in Objectives
    • Organizational Influences.
      • Organizational Systems
      • Organizational Cultures and Style
      • Organizational Structure
    • Project OfficeKey General Management Skills.
    • Leading, Communicating, Negotiating.
    • Problem Solving.
    • Influencing the organization.
    • Socioeconomic Environmental Influences.
    • Standards & Regulations, Internationalization
    • Cultural Influence,Social Economic Environmental sustainability
    • Buyer Roles and Responsibilities
    • The Purchasing Department,Procurement management
    • Buyer and seller relationship, The major process
    • Purchasing Procedures, Recognition of need
    • Requisition approval, Placement of the purchase order
    • Follow-up and expediting
    • Receipt and approval of goods/services
    • Types of contracts
    • Classification According To Contract Price
    • Classification According To Nature of Works
    • Classification According To Scope of Works
    • Classification by Method of Evaluating Contract Price
    • Other Types of Contracts
    • Management Contracts.
    • Target Cost Contracts.
    • Value Contracts, Ceiling Value Contracts.
    • Schedule of rate contracts, Continuation Contracts.
    • Operation and running contracts.
    • Service Contracts, Conditions of contracts
    • Allocation of risks and how disputes to be settled:
    • What does a contract consists of:
    • The contract documents
    • What does the general conditions include?
    • Conditions of Particular Application
    • Contract management
      • Introduction
      • Setting Up a System For Monitoring And Control
      • Planning Page: Contract Administration Monitoring Checklist
      • Supplier/Contractor Selection Program
      • Selection Documentation
      • Purchase/Order Contract Development Award
      • General Duties/Administration
      • Establishing Financial Controls
      • Using Estimates as A Control Device In Contract Administration
      • Project Control in The Contract Function
      • Contract Administration Policies And Procedures
      • Sample in contract administration manual