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Contracts Management And Administration Skills


Course Description

Some business people say that a contract claim is a name for the dispute that arises when the parties to a contract are unable to agree on the value of an extra payment. Others believe that any matter dealing with extra payment, disputed or otherwise, is a claim as long as it represents extra work and has not yet been agreed to (or perhaps even considered) by the customer.

Actually, there are many different types of “claims.” Some may not even involve money, such as those for additional time to perform work. Plus a claim may not be sought by a supplier, but something a customer is claiming against the supplier. For example, a credit for work deleted, or a back-charge for work which the customer had to pay as this is the responsibility of the supplier.

Administration and office management plays an important part in the smooth running of an organization or a department.

This course will deal with tools and procedures of effective administration. It will lead to greater confidence amongst administrators and office managers so that productivity of this important function within the organization can be enhanced.

Course Objectives

  • By the end of this course the participant will be able to:
    • Clearly understand the legal, and technical aspects of claims
    • Acknowledge types of claims
    • Learn when to file a claim and how
    • Learn what kind of supported documents needed
    • Clearly know how to plan for claims and to be prepared for it
    • Understand the legal and administrative consequences of the claims on the organization

Who Should Attend?

  • Potential Candidates for this course are:
    • This course will be Admin Staff – Technical Assistants, invaluable administrators, Office managers and senior secretaries.
    • Procurement Managers, purchasing Managers
    • Logistics Managers, project Managers
    • Sourcing Managers, corporate Sales Managers

Location & Date


  • 2019
    • Per participant
    • USD 4,000
Fees + VAT as applicable
Tax Registration Number : 100139824100506

Course Outline



  • Introduction
  • Protecting Your Contractual Position
  • Contract Writing Guidelines
  • 1. Fundamental Checklists:
  • 2. Realistic Construction:
  • 3. Appropriate Format:
  • 4. Careful Proofreading:
  • Creating a Strong Foundation for Contract Negotiation
  • Introduction
    • What Makes a Good Negotiation
    • Defending Those Attributes
    • What Makes A Poor Negotiator?
    • Negotiation Games People Play
    • Action Strategies Instead Of Games
    • Negotiation Meetings And Beyond
    • Authority to Negotiate
    • Who, What and Where in Meetings
    • Negotiating Style: Point by Point or All or None
    • Avoiding Win-Lose Attitudes
    • After The Negotiation
    • Creating Contract Clause Books
  • Introduction to Administration
    • Office administration: Duties and principles
    • Difference between office administrator and office manager
    • Setting objectives
    • Managing the work load
    • Delegating tasks: principles and procedure
    • Managing time, Planning
    • Appropriate systems
    • Dealing with paperwork
    • Ways of dealing with stress
    • Admin role in business development
    • Group exercise/presentations
    • Course evaluation