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Exploration Data Contouring, Mapping and Interpretation



The is a big importance in data interpretation and mapping in all petroleum industry. The obeyed techniques and the methods together with the tools are the heart of the job and will be discussed deeply in this course.


  • Understanding the exploration data source and the nature of rocks
  • The relationships between tectonic forces and structural features
  • The different types of rocks classification
  • understanding the trapping system and types of traps using map interpretation
  • Importance of data interpretation and mapping in the petroleum industry
  • Applying the seismic interpretation and Mapping using petrel software providing a big chance for getting the knowledge how to use the software for reasonable interpretation and map contouring

Who should Attend

New hired Geologists, Geophysicists and Reservoir, Petroleum, Drilling Engineers whose job requires a more extensive knowledge of Mapping and interpretation.

Course Outline

    • Exploration methods introduction and theoretical background
    • Seismic methods
    • Mechanical rock properties
    • seismic data interpretation
    • Rock classification
    • Tectonic forces and structural features
    • Trapping system and types
    • Mapping
    • Interpretation
    • Interpretation and Mapping using Petrel software